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Our Mission

Geneoscopy is committed to providing safe, effective, and innovative non-invasive tests to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of gastrointestinal diseases. This includes the improvement of cancer screening compliance to facilitate early-stage detection.

Management Team

Andrew Barnell, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Erica Barnell, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Vince Wong, JD, MBA

Chief Commercial Officer

Julie LaRocca, MS

Vice President

Quality and Regulatory

Gary Gallimore

Vice President

Software Engineering and IT

Ann Zuninga

Senior Director

Product Development

Vineet Bansal, MBA

Senior Director

Product Management

Advisory Board

Don Hardison

George Catinis, MD

Aadel Chaudhuri, MD, PhD

Katherine Tynan, PhD

Join Our Team

Geneoscopy is looking for talented individuals who are interested in joining our mission to advance gastrointestinal health through novel diagnostics. Please email us to learn more about open positions at our company.